KANAFRIK's Commitment to Sustainability:

We're deeply committed to economic empowerment, handcrafting clean, natural products using natural ingredients sourced directly from women producers and local farmers.

Our dedication to sustainability is evident through our tailored recycling program and various initiatives aligned with our brand values since 2020, part of the opening of Kanafrik’s first flagship store, as "Africa’s first sustainable and zero waste store," built for global and local consumers.

In Kanafrik’s sustainable zero waste store, we educate clients and communities on recycling, returning, and reusing jars, offering refill stations for their convenience to refill their own jars or one bought from our store with their favorite Kanafrik natural ingredients, skincare, or hair care.

We proudly offer handcrafted reusable bags, totes, hand-printed fabric pillows, pouches, textiles, and other accessories and zero waste products in collaboration with Mariama Fashion Production and similar brands, supporting artisans, job creation, and sustainability.

All our raw materials are ethically sourced from African women producers and local farmers. Additionally, we're expanding opportunities to local producers in the United States, particularly in New York City, as we are a registered business and aim to support and contribute to the growth of the local economy by buying natural, organic raw ingredients from women and farmers for you to continue enjoying our products made with pure passion, pure love, and empowerment while preserving the environment and promoting inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry. We are committed to delivering clean , natural and quality goods to our customers globally.