When Luxury Meets Sustainability: introducing Kanafrik Travel Luxe Box a curated collection inspired by the elegance and allure of luxury travel. At Kanafrik, we believe that sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand, creating an exceptional experience for the discerning traveler. This clean beauty collection is designed to accompany you on your most luxurious journeys, ensuring that you look and feel your best, wherever you are.bringing you youthful energy, glowing skin and relaxation while being sure that the skincare you are using is 100% pure, non toxic , natural, clean and cruelty free.

✔️What's Inside KANAFRIK Luxe Box:

Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash, body butter, body scrub, body oil, Light Moisturizer, hand cream, lip balm, face treats, candle, sustainable and reusable tote bag and pouches.

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