Welcome to Kanafrik's Zero Waste Store!

We're proud to offer a shopping experience that aligns with our values of sustainability and eco-friendliness. Our store is designed to minimize waste and maximize impact. Here's what you'll find:

🌱Clean ingredients and clean beauty products for your skin, hair, and face, made for everyone

🌱Reusable bags and containers for all purchases, eco friendly gifts for you and  your family. 

🌱Refill stations for our signature products

🌱Eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials

🌱Sustainable ingredients sourced from local farmers and women in Africa and New York City such as shea butter, cacao butter, natural oils, herbs, clays, art works and natural foods


♻️By shopping with us, you're supporting a more sustainable future. Thank you for choosing Kanafrik! Visit us now at www.kanafrik.com