Our goal at KANAFRIK is to be a 100% sustainable brand. We have placed a system of recycling and reusing in our flagship store in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire with a refill station where customers can directly bring their empty jars or buy one from us to enjoy their favorite KANAFRIK products.

at KANAFRIK EPICERIE ( the food section) we use Zero plastic and we have reusable bags that we offer to our customers instead of a single use plastic bag. In New York all our products are packaged in glass jars. 

We  make our prin an ethical, cruelty-free manner. We use 100% natural and organic ingredients to make our products. All of our products are handmade. We use raw materials that are directly produced by our women's groups that we have established in Africa or our partners on the continent. We are committed to fighting the plastic crisis. Until we find the best ways to make the entire concept store sustainable. We ask all of our customers in Abidjan to use our plastic jars responsibly, and we offer them a free product in the store every time they bring us 5 empty jars. We gradually started replacing all of our plastic jars with glass jars that we buy directly from the community to keep the economy going. Because of COVID 19, which makes things slower and more difficult, we intend to be a 100% natural concept store before 2023.