General Rules for Shopping on Kanafrik Website:

1. All shoppers must be of legal age to make purchases on the Kanafrik website. In the United States, shoppers must be at least 18 years old.

2. Products purchased from Kanafrik cannot be reused, returned, or exchanged. In rare cases, store credit may be provided at Kanafrik's discretion.

3. Kanafrik's products are artisanal and handmade, therefore variations in color, texture, and scent may occur.

4. Kanafrik reserves the right to change product names, colors, textures, and scents at any time without prior notice.

5. It is the responsibility of each shopper to fully understand these rules and disclaimers. Kanafrik is not responsible for shoppers who fail to read and understand the disclaimers before making a purchase.

 Shipping Policy:
1. For shipments within the United States, delivery can take between 5-10 business days. International deliveries via the USA may take longer. All our products are hand crafted and we love sending you fresh products. 

2. All products sold in New York are exclusive to the United States. International orders will incur full shipping costs and taxes according to the recipient's country regulations.

3. Kanafrik is not responsible for packages that are refused delivery by the recipient or for any additional taxes or fees required by the recipient's country or shipping provider.


4. Shipping coverage is subject to the delivery zone of the shipping provider.

5. Local delivery in New York is not immediate and same day unless specifically arranged by the Kanafrik team, and may incur a fee unless waived in advance.

 Return Policy:
1. All sales are final. Kanafrik does not offer refunds unless the package is damaged during shipping.

2. In case of a damaged package, Kanafrik will conduct a thorough investigation before issuing store credit as compensation.

3. Kanafrik refuses store exchange of products bought for sanitation reasons and quality control.

 Exchanges and Refusals:
1. Kanafrik will refuse all packages bought from Africa to be exchanged in Kanafrik's New York/USA location, and vice versa.

2. Employees will not accept packages or requests for exchange from clients.

3. Clients who refuse to pick up their packages or accept delivery by Kanafrik's shipping partner will not be refunded.

4. Once a package leaves our warehouse, no refunds will be issued. Ensure agreement with these rules before shopping on www.kanafrik.com.

Legal Compliance and Brand Protection:

1. Kanafrik prohibits the sale of its products by unauthorized individuals, including former employees and collaborators, who will face fines.

2. Anyone infringing on Kanafrik's brand, including its recipes, product names, designs, and textiles, will face fines.

3. All designs, products, images, and content shared on the Kanafrik website belong to Kanafrik or its partners and must be used with prior permission.