KANAFRIK was founded in 2019 by Mariama Camara after 10 years of reflection on the idea.

Mariama Camara’s vision for Kanafrik since it’s inception was to create sustainable stores where consumers can find clean, ethical and natural cosmetics and ingredients with African beauty heritage used by her ancestors for centuries.

These includes handmade natural butters, natural oils, natural food and botanicals from the lush and abundant vegetation of the African forest for healing and beauty products for hair, face and the entire body. Food and beverages alike, the finest African craftsmanship while pushing local consumerism and allowing international clients to discover the African culture, music and well MADE IN AFRICA products.

This vision makes a company whose core value, foundation and purpose all summarize in few words: sustainability, Africa, economic development.

Kanafrik is Africa’s first sustainable store. Our brand is sustainable for nature and for people, with a special focus on supporting  women producers and local farmers.